Essence of Breema: 28 November, 2017

Rising sun on foggy mountain tops with golden trees

A foundation is something that things are built upon. What if you want to apply this word to the meaning and purpose of your life? What is the foundation on which all meaning and purpose are built? You can’t say your foundation is your body, because we all know the body is temporary. How about your mind? The mind is a box that we put everything we hear and read, everything we see on the Internet, and all our education into. So the mind can’t be the foundation, because it’s the mind of mass consciousness, which is the expression of the chaotic state of unconscious life. How about your feelings? They can’t be your foundation, because they constantly swing between like and dislike. A real foundation must be something other than your mind, feelings, and body. Every single thing that exists is a combination of two things—form and meaning. When we look at the manifested universe, we are really looking at two universes—the universe of form, which is observable, and the universe of meaning, which is realizable. Both of these have to be included in a real foundation.

From Child of Existence, Child of Society