Essence of Breema: 23 January, 2018

Golden dandelion seed heads

There are trillions of cells in the body. And there is a constant exchange between them. Every thought has an effect on them. Every feeling has an effect on them. And each effect leaves its trace. We don’t see or know how we are affected. When you bring body and mind together, you can, to some extent, experience what psychological state you are in. Eventually, you become familiar with your “psychological neighborhoods.” You may see which neighborhoods you wish to avoid, and which are beneficial to be in. When you find yourself in a bad neighborhood, you don’t have to panic. You can just come back to the experience of body inhaling and exhaling. This way, you gradually learn how to allow Conscious energy into your life. Conscious energy is available when the body, mind, and feelings come together. Then you have an inner atmosphere of balance to support you when you become imbalanced. 

From The Taste of Being Present: Essential Wisdom of Breema