Essence of Breema: 17 April, 2018

Pomegranate flower hanging from the tree

Nothing exists without the principle of Mutual Support. A carpet maintains its form by the support each knot gives all the other knots. A cup is a cup because every atom, through the principle of Mutual Support, supports all the other atoms to hold together. Look at a tree—the branches, trunk, fruit, leaves, and flowers have one thing in common that connects them—the sap. When a branch gets disconnected from the tree and the sap, it no longer has life. Likewise, if we lose our connection to the consciousness in the life force, we are not truly alive. We don’t know who we are, and we look to others to tell us! When you know you are being supported, you wish to support. And you can’t support just one thing, because there is no such thing as “one thing.” Nothing in the entire universe has separate existence. Everything is interrelated and interconnected. If you give support to one cell, you are supporting and receiving support from the entirety. This is so obvious, but you can’t know it by thinking it. You know it by tasting it is so. 


From The Taste of Being Present: Essential Wisdom of Breema