Essence of Breema: 10 July, 2018

Denise Berezonsky practicing a Breema bodywork seqence with Alexis Mulhauser

Stating it very simply, we are either at war or at peace in life. And in war, we lose. Even if it looks like we’ve won, we haven’t. In war, everyone loses. 

We don’t know it, but we are at war with ourselves. We always wish to be something we’re not. We wish others to be different, to change according to our liking. We are at war with our food, critical of what we eat, or critical of ourselves for eating it. We are conditioned to always be at war. 

To move from war to peace, we need to learn the art of acceptance. But acceptance is not a mental phenomenon—it can’t be learned from words, concepts, or philosophy. We learn it by experience—that’s the language of Breema.

From First You Have to Be: The Nine Principles of Harmony in Breema and Life