Essence of Breema: 30 April, 2019

Singing bird sitting on a branch in the sun

We can nurture our feelings by doing small things—things we find rewarding while we’re doing them, without an emphasis on outer approval. If you like to draw, spend a few minutes drawing a picture. If you like to sing, sing for your own enjoyment. As your feelings are nurtured, they begin to ask you to do things which you’re genuinely interested in, like really listening to the sound of the water you’re boiling for tea. Or to really look at the birds outside your window. Once your feelings begin participating in your life, your mind starts to yearn for good food, too. Instead of automatically looking at the news and mechanically watching or reading whatever is there, it may ask you to choose something that’s of real interest to you. By nurturing your feelings, you can support your appetite for a more meaningful life.

From Real Health Means Harmony with Existence: The Art of Practicing Breema