Essence of Breema: 24 March, 2020

Inviting bench under a large tree canopy with sun shining through its branches.

What does it mean to see? Is it your eyes that see? The maximum credit you can give them is that they see the surface—shape, texture, color. But that’s not seeing. In order to see, we need another light—the light of Consciousness. Consciousness is like a flashlight, but with one difference—when you’re in the dark, you turn on the flashlight and shine light on objects, and you see them. But with the light of Consciousness, you see the essential nature of the phenomena you are looking at. You see their is-ness. You see how they belong to the whole of Existence. You see things in unity. Because nothing exists as a separate thing. Everything is interrelated and interconnected.

From Child of Existence, Child of Society