Essence of Breema: 2 June, 2020

Blooming lupin flowers with blue skies and scattered clouds.

There is science. There is religion. They are ingredients of life. But if you get caught in any of the ingredients, no matter how great they may seem, all you did was get caught. Whatever comes to you in life, you need to translate into something practical, something for your daily life, something that supports you to know I exist. And fortunately, this has a very easy beginning—just “get Breema in your body.” That means becoming familiar, through many experiences of receiving and giving Breema, with the taste that begins with body-mind connection. To the extent you get Breema in your body, the cotton comes out of your ears and you can hear, because you need Being-participation in order to hear truth. 

From Waking Up to This Moment: The Essential Meaning of Breema