Essence of Breema: 23 February, 2021

Lonely tree in the midst of the desert under blue sky.

What do you need to be happy? To come out of the mind. How do you do that? Breathe, and experience that the body is breathing. Breema could be looked at as the way of happiness. The Nine Principles are part of that. Understanding is part of that, because you can’t really be happy if your happiness is dependent on outer conditions. You have to truly understand why things are as they are in order to see that what is happening is exactly what needs to happen.


Seeing brings happiness. Thinking doesn’t. Misery is there where Consciousness hasn’t penetrated. What appears to you as a cause for misery simply means you are not seeing things as they are in reality. So to be happy, we need a new way of thinking. In order to help us, our thinking has to have its root in Consciousness. If it comes from our crystallized way of looking at life, it cannot help us. Our mind can’t lift us out of itself. We need the clarity that comes from a higher dimension of Consciousness in order to come to a new way of thinking.

From Real Health Means Harmony with Existence: The Art of Practicing Breema