Essence of Breema: 1 June, 2021

White magnolia grandiflora flower blooming on the branch.

As you put the Nine Principles of Breema into practice, they introduce you to yourself. Because you are the one who has to taste Body Comfortable. You are the one who has to see if you’re fully participating, if you have Mutual Support, or Firmness and Gentleness. The four “no” principles—No Extra, No Force, No Judgment, No Hurry/No Pause—make you familiar with yourself because you see you always have extra, force, judgment, and hurry. And self-familiarity is a step toward self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is a step toward self-understanding. And self-understanding is a step toward self transformation. That’s the ultimate goal of Breema. You transform from what you think you are into what you really are.

From The Taste of Being Present: Essential Wisdom of Breema