Essence of Breema: 2 November, 2021

A variety of hues reflective from the flowers and clouds in a mountain valley.

The way of the heart is also the way of connectedness, because the heart, by nature, brings everything into unity. Mind diversifies, heart unifies. Heart knows, mind tries to figure out. When we are truly in the heart, in the innermost of the intimate connection with our Source, our mind is a different mind. This mind works with Conscious energy. The mind that works with Conscious energy falls in love with the heart. And the heart already is in love with everything that exists, so the mind is included. From that love between the conscious mind and the conscientious heart, something is born. That’s the real child, that’s reality. The name of that child is Understanding—the union of knowledge and Being.

From Freedom Comes From Understanding: Insights for Meaningful Life