Essence of Breema: 28 December, 2021

Twinkling light on the dew drops collected along a branch.

So many things we heard in childhood stick with us. Never verified, they became the foundation of how we think and feel. To see this is so and to accept it gives us a chance to have new thoughts, new feelings, and a new posture toward life. That doesn’t mean something new you read in a book that sounds wonderful to you. Those are thoughts that don’t belong to you, so they add to your conditioning. To verify something means to experience the truth of it by using it in your daily life. Everything that comes to you could be translated by you into the language of experience, the language of taste. Then you have something. It’s not as difficult as it looks. It’s difficult as long as you don’t do it. When you put it into practice, you will find a way.

From Freedom Comes From Understanding: Insights for Meaningful Life