Essence of Breema: 19 April, 2022

Colorful lily pads in a pond.

We are all children that come from the same Source, and return to the same Source. Sometimes, experiences that our temporary aspect passes through are necessary to help us turn toward the sun instead of looking at our shadow. They are always a blessing. If you don’t recognize the blessings enough, it means you need to have more gratitude for your life. The best exercise for this is to choose ten things you are grateful for each day. For example, I am grateful I have socks to put on. I have appetite to eat. I have friends to talk to. I am grateful. Ten things each day. You can find many more than ten. But each day, find ten things and announce them to yourself, until the part of you that by nature is grateful becomes alive in you. 

From Freedom Comes From Understanding: Insights for Meaningful Life