Essence of Breema: 28 June, 2022

Green grasslands and forest along the edges of the river in Summer.

Acceptance saves our energy. Say you did something wrong. You used your energy to do that. But look at how much more energy you used in criticizing your behavior or in trying to justify it! But if you accept that what you did was wrong, if you accept “that’s how I was at that moment,” it somehow shows you that’s not all you are. It’s just how you behaved then. As soon as you accept that, you stop draining your energy. And the energy you save, you can use to move in the direction you truly wish for your life. The most important part of acceptance is accepting yourself, because without that, you can’t accept anything else. Acceptance can bring you to the present. Your mind and feelings are usually in conflict—criticizing you, or justifying your behavior. In the moment you come to acceptance, the conflict stops. That creates a tiny gap, in which you may come to yourself. 

From Coming to Yourself: The Art of Practicing Breema