Essence of Breema: 23 August, 2022

Concentric ripples in the reflection of a golden setting sun.

Draw a circle and place a dot in the center. Let’s say that circle represents Existence. There are countless lines originating from the center and traveling out toward the circumference. Look at any two lines. The closer to the center, the closer they are to each other. The farther from the center, the farther apart they are. That’s separation. Separation means away from the center, away from the Source of your existence. The closer you are to the center, the more you can see unity. In the center, there is one Existence, one Awareness, one Consciousness, one Totality. The more you are present, the closer you are to the center. The center means awake, always and everywhere. You can’t inject time into it, or space, or events. There is only one thing there—the is-ness of all that exists.

From Seeing Things As They Really Are