Essence of Breema: 24 October, 2023

Acorn of the oak tree perched on a leaf.

The entire universe, down to the smallest subatomic particle, is based on the principle of Mutual Support. We have to let go of the concept that some deserve support and some don’t. Everything that exists, without exception, deserves support. This may look difficult, but look at how things would be if that were actually our posture towards life. Support could be expressed in the form of well-wishing for someone, or in the form of being present with them. When you’re present, you are supporting everything that exists. Mutual Support has many dimensions. If you go a little past the surface, you can see that who or what you support is not outside of you, not separate from you. If you go a little deeper, you find that the unity between the whole and the part exists in the principle of Mutual Support. 

From The Four Relationships: And Other Essential Insights