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Certified Breema Practitioner
Certified Self-Breema Instructor
Certified Breema Instructor

Ventura, CA 93003
United States

Twenty years ago, I came across an article about Breema in the local Santa Cruz newspaper accompanied by photographs. These pictures powerfully attracted me and I was impressed with how the givers appeared as relaxed and nourished as the receivers on the mat. I knew I wanted to learn this modality and when I began attending classes, I found that what was conveyed by the photographs was absolutely true. Breema is joyfully given and joyfully received!

In Southern California, where I now live, I have been able to offer Breema to diverse groups of individuals including hospice patients, infants in intensive care units, women coming out of domestic violence, and as a guest instructor at the Somatic Therapy school here in Ventura.

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    Ventura, CA 93003
    United States

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