23 November 2019 10:00am–12:00pm

Touching the Source, Opening the Heart

Practitioner gives Breema bodywork
Breema Workshop

In this workshop our subject is Breema, the heart and the real feelings, and the need for the body, mind, and feelings to work together to become present. Practicing Self-Breema and Breema partner sequences can create openness in the heart, mind and body. This can nurture harmony in our life and an experience of profound gratitude for all our relationships -- the relationship to ourself, to others and all of life. We will also delve more deeply into the principles of Firmness and Gentleness, which support us in the direction of being receptive. 

  • $20 until Nov 18, $25 thereafter, or use 10-class card 
Felipe de Oliveira practicing Self-Breema