Sunday, 13 December 2020 5:30pm - 6:15pm
  • Central European Time
  • UTC +01:00
  • Europe/Berlin

Saying Yes to Life Always and Everywhere

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Online Self Breema Class via ZOOM

This online event begins at 8:30am PST, 11:30am EST, 17:30 CET, 18:30 IST.

The class begins at 8:30 am Pacific Time, which is 17:30 European Time or 6:30 pm Israel Time.

We'll open the Class 15 minutes prior start.

Please click on the blue link to enter ("Register here for the event").

Participation is free. The class language is English.

Firmness and gentleness are never separate. They complement each other. In Firmness and Gentleness we can find the possibility of harmonizing our mental and emotional activity, so that they can support each other.

Firmness comes from the knowledge that “there is a body.” Gentleness comes from the presence of our natural feelings which, nonverbally, express gratitude for being alive. When we are present, the body naturally manifests firmness and gentleness.

When the mind participates, through simple registration of the body, our touch is firm. The feelings, in the absence of reactive emotions, give us gentleness. These two aspects are simultaneously expressed through the body as one unified quality. In the moment we have a taste of being present, the body naturally manifests firmness and gentleness. Every activity of the body—moving, talking, looking, listening—becomes Breema, nurturing our essential self by expressing the harmony of life.

We invite you to apply this Principle intensively in your everyday life this week. The Saturday Class offers the opportunity to exchange our Experiences with Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony in daily life.




Kerstin Pommerening

"What I see of myself in acceptence doesn't create a problem for me, because that which accepts is always a degree higher than that which is seen and accepted. That's why I don't need to try to fix what I see. This is the art of coming to live in harmony with myself, and eventually, with my surroundings, and with all life. I see that I'm always reacting to life, not knowing what to do, and often doing things for the wrong reasons. I see all of that, but at the same time, I have a little smile...