Keter Chava Benchimol

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Certified Breema Practitioner
Certified Self-Breema Instructor
Certified Breema Instructor

DN Haelah 99860

Keter Benchimol was introduced to  Breema at a Shiatsu class in 1995 and immediately understood that it touched something much deeper than muscles , bones and meridians.  Growing up as a dancer, the harmonious, non-forceful and ryhthmic movements of Breema reminded  her of the greater Dance of Existence that connects all of us in Unity and without competition.  This led her to discover the Breema Center and begin her search for Self-Understanding which continues to grow daily with the amazingly practical support of the 9 Principles of Harmony.  In 1997 she was certified as a Breema Practitioner and and in 2001 as a Breema Instructor.  Today she lives in the Emek Haela Valley in Israel where she practices and teaches Breema.  She has been organizing the Annual International Israel Breema Intensive for many years. She is also Certified in Reflexology and Bach Flower Therapy.  Breema deeply supports every modality that she practices and every aspect of her life.

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  3. Keter Chava Benchimol

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