Online Personal Self-Breema Classes

Salena Irion practicing Self-Breema at the Breema Center in Oakland CA

Breema Center staff instructors are now offering online live, personal Self-Breema classes. Your first class is free!

Many and varied, the movements include gentle stretches, movements, and unique postures. Each exercise provides an ideal opportunity to apply and experience the Breema principles. Practicing Self-Breema is both nurturing and energizing, and supports physical and physiological flexibility and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Because the exercises are pure expressions of the Nine Principles of Harmony, they can be powerful catalysts for greater physical, mental, and emotional health. They support us to recognize that regardless of the outer circumstances of life, we can find a wealth of balance and harmony within ourselves. They are a practical way to come to body-mind connection anywhere, at any time. This connection can then be brought to all the activities of your day.

Online Personal Self-Breema sessions are 30 minutes of live individual instruction over Zoom with a staff Breema Instructor from the Breema Center. The one-on-one format is especially helpful for anyone new to Self-Breema, allowing for questions and personal guidance with the movements and the Nine Principles of Harmony.

Instructors offering online personal Self-Breema classes:

Denise Berezonsky   Monday-Thursday flexible times PDT  Send message
Alexandra Johnson   Monday-Friday, flexible times PDT  Send message
Birthe Kaarsholm     Thursday  2:30-5:30pm PDT  Send message
Alexis Mulhauser      Sunday-Tuesday flexible times PDT Send message
Susan Mankowski     Wednesday-Saturday flexible times CDT Send message
Roxanne Caswell   Thursday-Saturday, flexible times PDT  Send message