Asha Jenny Ulrich

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Certified Breema Practitioner
Certified Self-Breema Instructor
Certified Breema Instructor

Eugene, OR 97404
United States

Asha Jenny has been practicing and teaching Breema in the Pacific Northwest US since 2000. She has spent her life serving community and bringing peace, love, joy, and laughter into every aspect of her livelihood. Besides inviting Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony into her ongoing online and in-person Breema practice, she finds ways of supporting all her engagements with the graciousness of her presence including Dances for World Peace, healing groups, Oregon Duck games, playing with her cats, and afternoons in the garden.

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  1. Breema Workshop in Portland

    Awakenings Wellness Center

    1016 SE 12th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97214
    United States

  2. Being with the Body, We Are Supported - ONGOING Self-Breema Class

    Pacific Northwest Zoom Group

    Eugene , OR 97405
    United States

  3. Asha Jenny Ulrich

    Eugene, OR 97404
    United States

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