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Birthe Kaarsholm practicing Self-Breema exercises.

Here is information that has helped many students to engage with Breema online, whether learning about Breema for the first time or participating in an online  Self-Breema Class. We hope it supports you.






Getting Started with Breema Online

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Getting Started with Breema Online


Find a Self-Breema Class Online

  • During this period, the Breema Center is offering live online Self-Breema classes. You can find them listed on our website by scrolling the homepage or using the Events menu. Each class offers support to learn and practice Self-Breema exercises, to apply and experience Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony, and to become more present. They are a practical way to practice body-mind connection, which can then be brought to all the activities of your day.

What is Self-Breema?

  • Self-Breema is a unifying, harmonizing method. Harmony between our mind, feelings, and body is the key to a healthy life. The energy that becomes available to us when the mind, feelings, and body work in harmony can cleanse, balance and energize every cell in the body. By working with the Breema principles as we practice Self-Breema, we simplify and purify the activity of the mind and feelings, inviting a higher level of consciousness that is less mechanical and more purposeful to participate in the body’s movements. From: Self-BreemaExercises for Harmonious Life by Jon Schreiber. 

    Many and varied, the Self-Breema exercises include gentle stretches, rhythmic movements, and unique postures. Each exercise provides an ideal opportunity to apply and experience the Breema principles. Practicing Self-Breema is both nurturing and energizing, and supports physical and physiological flexibility and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

    No prior experience is necessary, nor does one need great physical dexterity or flexibility. Each sequence can be adapted to suit the condition of your body.

New to Self-Breema

  • The very best introduction to Breema is through a direct experience. We hope you will find an opportunity first-hand to participate in a Self-Breema class or workshop. You will find the format and atmosphere of every Breema class welcoming, and particularly helpful in assimilating the Nine Principles of Harmony and the exercises in a natural and enjoyable way. Breema's philosophy and principles are totally practical and can support us not only while practicing Self-Breema exercises but also in every activity in life.

Helpful Class Guidelines for Participants

  • Set up in a physical space that is quiet and where you will not be interrupted.
  • Make sure there is sufficient carpeting or padding on the floor as you will be sitting, kneeling, and lying down to do the Self-Breema exercises. You may wish to have cushions nearby for additional support. 
  • Have enough room around you to fully extend your arms and legs and walk a few feet in all directions.
  • Get set up on Zoom. If required to sign in to a Zoom account to participate in an online Self-Breema class, workshop, or series, follow the instructions below:
    • Go to and create a username and password. Download the Zoom app if you haven't already.
    • If you have any technical issues or questions about Zoom, visit
  • Classes start on time. If you wish, you can join on Zoom 10 minutes prior to when the class begins. To be comfortable while practicing, please wear loose or stretchy comfortable clothes. You may also want to remove any belts, watches, or jewelry that may restrict comfortable movement. In classes that have a discussion, save your questions for when the Instructor asks for them. Then use the Zoom "raise hand" icon and wait to be called on.

What to Expect in a Self-Breema Class 

  • Each class is experiential and includes body-centered meditation, Self-Breema exercises, and presentation of the philosophy of Breema. In the spirit of Mutual Support, many of the classes include a discussion, which is an opportunity for the students to exchange their experiences and ask questions about the practice. These discussions offer an immersive experience of all aspects of Breema, often enabling transformative assimilation of the material presented.
  • Breema is not derived from any other method. One may find certain movements that are visually reminiscent of elements of other modalities, but the underlying philosophy that informs Breema's movements and quality of touch make even those something unique to Breema.
  • Because Breema’s principles can be integrated and applied in any profession and in all activities of daily life, our classes attract a group of students with diverse interests including health, movement, relationships, and spirituality, to name a few.

Technical Support for Participants


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Benefiting from Self-Breema Notes

  • If you participate in an online Self-Breema class, you may receive Self-Breema notes for some of the exercises you have learned.
  • Once you’ve learned an exercise in class, practice it repeatedly as soon as possible until you really “have it in your body.” The purpose of having notes is to support you to practice. A Self-Breema exercise is “yours” when you have both its form and its atmosphere in your body, and the Breema principles are alive for you when you practice it. The more direct and practical your understanding of the principles becomes, the more you can apply them in your daily life.
  • Self-Breema notes are a personal support. Please do not reproduce the notes or teach the exercises to people who have not learned the exercises in a class.

Watch Self-Breema Class Videos

Self-Breema class videos are available to watch anytime. These are a wonderful resource for you to deepen your relationship and practice to Self-Breema even outside of a class. These videos can be shared with friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who you think may benefit from doing the exercises.

Experience a One-on-One Self-Breema Session

You can schedule a one-on-one session with an experienced Self-Breema Instructor. In these sessions, the Instructor will support you to personalize your practice. You will have an opportunity to exchange experiences about the practice, ask questions, and explore how the Nine Principles of Harmony can be applied in your daily life. 

Practitioner Certification Program

  • Our students benefit from a way of teaching that emphasizes both practical experience and the integration of Breema principles into daily life. In addition to training students who wish to receive a Practitioner Certificate, an important objective of the Breema Center is to serve those students whose goal is personal enrichment rather than career enhancement.

    Enrolling in the practitioner program is an opportunity to engage more deeply with the philosophy of Breema and the Nine Principles, learn how to apply them in working with the body through Self-Breema and Breema bodywork (partner) exercises, and see the effect of applying the principles to everyday activities.

    Our Practitioner Certification Program is a wonderful way to add perspective and depth to any professional practice, and is also a great support for anyone who would like to bring more meaning and harmony to their interactions and relationships.

    For more information, visit

Questions and comments

  • If you have questions or comments, please contact Birthe Kaarsholm at or 510-428-0937.