Online Support for Zoom for Participants

During this period, the Breema Center is offering live online Self-Breema classes.

Each class is a unique opportunity to apply and experience Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony and become more present. Practicing Self-Breema is both nurturing and energizing, and supports physical flexibility and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Because the exercises are pure expressions of the Nine Principles of Harmony, they can be powerful catalysts for greater physical, mental, and emotional health. They support us to recognize that regardless of the outer circumstances of life, we can come to presence and harmony within ourselves. Our online Self-Breema classes (on Zoom) are designed to help us experience  body-mind connection. Once we know, through experience, what body-mind connection is, and how greatly it supports us, we  begin to see that  we can work with the Nine Principles of Harmony at any time and practice being present in whatever we are doing.  

Getting Started

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Getting Started


How to participate in an online class?

  • Click on the "Registration" button on the event you wish to attend. You will be asked to answer a brief questionnaire which helps us keep our online experience safe and supported. You will then receive the Zoom class link in an email. By clicking the link in the email, you will be directed to the Zoom application which can be used via your desired browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) or through the Zoom application. You can join the class without signing in and becoming a Zoom member.

How come I can't hear the instructors teaching?

  • Check your output levels on your Zoom application. Go to the “mic icon” on your phone or computer. Click the icon and a menu will appear with the option “Audio Settings” at the bottom. Clicking that “Audio Settings” will open another window with settings specific to your system. At the top, you’ll see “Speaker.” Make sure the speaker selected is the one you can hear from. Just below the speaker chosen, you’ll see an option to increase “Output Volume.” It is not a given that the output volume will sync to your keyboard.
  • In the case that doesn’t improve your speaker sound. Visit your “System preferences” option and check to make sure that your general output levels are turned up. Visit for more audio help
  • On a mobile device, there may be many obstacles to increasing output volume, we recommend visiting for specific recommendations on your mobile device
  • Many of our online students have found the addition of earphones, earbuds, or external audio devices to their technological setup a support to listening and participating in the online  classroom.
  • In general, our staff tries to create a pleasant audible experience for all participating. There are occasions where due to unforeseen circumstances, the audio quality of a class or an instructor is poor. We thank you for your patience on these occasions and are always open to hearing your experiences and suggestions.

How to "Raise your hand" during a class?

  • On a laptop or desktop: At the bottom of your Zoom screen (hover if needed), click on the "Participants" icon. A separate window with a list of participants will appear. At the bottom, you'll see the "Raise hand" button.

  • On an Ipad or tablet: At the top right of the Zoom screen, is a row of icons which includes a "More" icon with three horizontal dots (tap screen if blank). Click on this icon and a dropdown menu will appear with the option to "Raise Hand."

  • On a phone app: At the bottom of the Zoom screen, is a row of icons which includes a "More" icon with three horizontal dots (tap screen if blank). Click on this icon and a dropdown menu will appear with the option to "Raise Hand."

Can I test my zoom set up before taking a class?

  • If you'd like to "test" Zoom prior to joining a class, you will want to sign up for a Zoom account at Once you have an account, you can "Start a new meeting" with yourself to test your audio and video. There are Zoom tutorials available for every level of user at Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide technical assistance during classes (or five minutes before your class begins!), so testing your set up before your first class is highly advised.

How to turn my video on and off?

  • Upon entering a class, you will have the choice to join with or without video. If you choose to join with video, the teacher and other attendees will see you. On your Zoom screen (tap if blank) there is a row of icons which include a "Video" icon. Click this icon to turn your video on and off. In order to conserve internet bandwidth, participants video may be turned off during the class.

How to mute and unmute my audio?

  • Upon entering a class, you will be asked to join audio. In order to hear or be heard, you need to join audio. Once you've entered the class, you'll see a row of icons which include a "Mic" icon (tap screen if blank).  Tap the "Mic" icon to mute or unmute yourself. Your microphone may be muted to reduce audio feedback for all attendees. 

What is the best browser to use for virtual classes?

  • Zoom works best when using the Chrome web browser if you are using your laptop and not the desktop app.

Can you help me with technical issues?

  • We will attempt to provide minimal technical assistance. We encourage you to play with your free Zoom account so that you get used to the format. We won’t be able to stop class to help you if you are having trouble. If you have technical issues, we recommend that you come to class as early as possible to try to navigate your issues. 

Technical Support


Can't get into the online class?

  • Visit
    • Click on the tile for the online class you'd like to join
    • You'll be directed to the Zoom "Register and Join" page
    • Enter you're name and email
    • Click "Register and Join"
    • Note: Prior to entering a Breema Center online class, every student must enter their name & email regardless of registration. The Breema Center is committed to creating a safe online experience for each participant through the use of Zoom's web portal.

How to update my technology?

  • It is crucial to keep your Zoom application updated. Zoom is constantly doing security updates as well as improving the visual and audio features. Follow the steps for your system:
    • Open your Zoom application and sign in to your account.
    • Click on your profile icon (your profile image if uploaded) in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. 
    • In the drop-down menu, click "Check for updates" in the drop-down menu.  A pop-up window will open with the messages "Update Available" or "You Are Up to Date."  
    • If you need to update, click "Update now." The program will prepare installation and ask your permission to install. Click "Install." Run through the Install Wizard by clicking "Continue" until installation is complete. Click "Done."

What if I get dropped from the class?

  • If you get dropped from the online class, close your zoom application or browser, restart your computer, then attempt to rejoin the class. If this continues to happen, follow the instructions in the next section to improve your connectivity.

What if the video or audio is "choppy" or poor quality?

There are a number of things that you, personally, can do to improve your Zoom experience. Here is a list of helpful tips to make sure that you are doing all you can to have the best experience possible. 


  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Turn off your video and audio.
  3. Close other programs/applications on your computer while using Zoom.
  4. Avoid other activities while using Zoom ie. downloads, uploads, streaming video, syncing files, or other high-bandwidth activities. And as much as possible, on other devices sharing your internet connection.
  5. Check your own internet connection (See the next section)


  1. Do everything listed for video.
  2. Clean your speakers with a damp cloth.
  3. If you have an external speaker, make sure that it's plugged in and that it is connected to the Zoom application.
  4.  Check your output levels on your Zoom application. Go to "Audio Settings" in the Zoom application settings and make sure that your output level is positioned as expected. It is not a given that the output volume will sync to your keyboard. Visit for more Audio Help.

What should I do if my internet connection isn’t working well?

Try these suggestions about increasing your internet connection.

  1. Watch this 2 minute video "Want faster wifi" about improving internet connectivity by moving your wifi router.
  2. Check your internet speed at
  3. Make sure your software is up to date.
  4. Lastly, follow Zoom's simple steps at



Can I receive the notes for the Self-Breema exercises shown in class?

  • If you didn't sign up to receive notes for class and would like to, simply re-register for the event by clicking on the registration link and updating your answer. You can also email the contact in the original confirmation email and let them know you'd like to receive notes.

Can I communicate with the Instructors after the class?

  • In the confirmation email that you receive for each online class you've registered for there will be a contact name and email. Please leave any feedback or questions for the registrar directly. For more general feedback or questions, you may also contact the Breema Center at

How can I leave feedback for Zoom?

  • At the end of your class, there will be an opportunity to leave feedback for Zoom in the "End of Meeting Feedback Survey." Otherwise, please visit directly.