Friday, 20 March 2020 11:15am - 12:00pm

CANCELED-Self-Breema in San Francisco, CA - March 2020

Check back for future classes.

We will offer a variety of short Self-Breema® exercises, involving sitting or kneeling on the floor, standing, and/or walking.  It is wonderful for parents during or beyond their perinatal journey, doulas and other birth professionals, and well -- anyone inhabiting a body! Please:

  • wear comfortable clothing; 
  • be prepared to leave your shoes at the entrance of the classroom (to keep the carpets as clean as possible for babies who crawl around the floor at other events/times);
  • be free of scented products (to support comfort of those who may sure the space during or after our class who have chemical sensitivities); and
  • keep your cell phone off during class. (Birth Doulas with clients in early labor and/or anyone else who feels like they can not be offline for 45 minutes, please keep your phone on vibrate or on the most harmonious low ring tone.)

The class is free, however, donations to Natural Resources All Families Foundation ("NRAFF"), a non-profit, 501c3 entity, is a great expression of the Breema principle of Mutual Support. NRAFF's goal is to provide quality, holistic pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting resources, support, and evidence-based education to ALL FAMILIES regardless of their means.


Soizig Le Boulch

Soizig is a birthworker, bodyworker, self-care educator, & wellness aficionado who loves to tap into and nurture the innate wisdom of the body and the support provided by body-mind connection.  She infuses her birthwork (Doula, Prenatal Balance, & Recovery Care support services) with an integrative approach, bringing in her passion, knowledge, & experience in other wellness practices.  Soizig also offers complementary well-being support services, such as Breema Bodywork® & TRE® and finds Breema®...