Tuesday, 21 December 2021 7:00pm - 7:50pm
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • UTC -08:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

The Nine Principles of Harmony in Daily Life - Self-Breema Class

Sunrise in Carpathian Mountains

This online event begins at 7:00pm PST, 10:00pm EST, 4:00 CET (following day), 5:00 IST (following day).

Instructors: Marian Clark and Christine Hunt


This ongoing class series meets every Tuesday evening from 7–7:50pm Pacific Time. No charge.


The Nine Principles of Harmony are universal, based on the underlying unity of all that exists. Every one of the principles can support us to come to the present and live life more fully. Practicing Self-Breema helps us bring mind, body, and feelings together and familiarizes us with the taste of being present. Breema's Nine Principles support us to unify body, mind, and feelings while practicing Self-Breema, and eventually in any activity of our life.
The class will include Self-Breema exercises as well as discussion and questions about applying the Principles in the activities and interactions of our day.