Thursday, 30 March 2023 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Central European Summer Time
  • UTC +02:00
  • Europe/Vienna

Breema Workshop in Wien, Austria

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Instructors: Jon Schreiber, Matthew Tousignant, Nadine Kerbl and Bernhard Kerbl

 and more Breema Instructors from Austria.

Many of us either don't know, or have forgotten, that it's possible to relate to life harmoniously from a foundation built on direct experiences of Mutual Support. With that support, we could experience a sense of gratitude for the events and situations that come up during the day, and lessen the feeling of never having enough time.

Breema offers us a practical way to experience, firsthand, the Principles that guide the entire universe. And it shows us that we can think, feel, and move in harmony with these Principles. Breema bodywork is an ideal venue for tasting the harmony that results from working with them. The benefits are tangible, and include increased physical, mental, and emotional health, and more harmonious relationships with the people we interact with.

Practicing a Breema bodywork treatment is one of the greatest gifts you could give someone. And because Breema perfectly expresses the Principle of Mutual Support, you, as the giver, are equally nurtured. Breema is completely natural, and as we practice it, our own flexibility and mobility naturally increase.

In class, we will learn and practice a variety of Breema bodywork treatments and also Self-Breema exercises (Breema bodywork treatments you give to yourself!), in order to establish a dynamic relationship to the Nine Principles of Harmony. When class ends, you are likely to return home feeling both energized and relaxed! 

Whether you are interested in learning a completely new and natural way of moving, touching, and relating to yourself and other people, in becoming healthier on any level, or you are looking for a way to make sense out of the world and find meaning that comes from your own direct experiences, Breema is worth looking into.

Thursday, 30th March 2023:  10:00am to 1.00pm and 3:00pm to 6:00pm (CEST)
Full workshop: 100,– Euros/ Students 70,- Euros
For more Information and Registration:
phone: +43 664 12 15 703

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Jon Schreiber

Director of the Breema Center and Breema Clinic

Jon Schreiber, D. C., director of the Breema Center and Breema Clinic in Oakland, California, has been teaching Breema in the U.S. and internationally since 1980. He has presented Breema at medical, psychology, bodywork, exercise, holistic health, and personal growth conferences. His numerous articles and books focus on the universal and practical philosophy of Breema. In his clinical practice, Dr. Schreiber uses Breema, Self-Breema, and the Nine Principles of Harmony to help patients discover...

Matthew Tousignant

Matthew Tousignant, M.A., CMT holds degrees from Harvard University and the California Institute of Integral Studies. A Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor, he currently teaches Breema extensively in the U.S. and Europe. Matthew’s body-centered therapeutic work, based out of Lambertville, New Jersey, combines the universal wisdom of Breema with a practical knowledge of psychology to connect others to their unique potential as human beings.

“In the session, I represent acceptance...

Nadine Kerbl

Nadine Kerbl, M.Sc., Psychotherapist( Integrativ Gestalt Therapy and Body Psychotherapy), ongoing Breema practice since 2010.

Bernhard Kerbl