Monday, 20 November 2023 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Eastern Standard Time
  • UTC -05:00
  • America/New_York

BREEMA: Increasing Vitality - Breema Bodywork Class Series

High mountain plateau creek amidst mountain peaks and lush forest.
Instructor: Matthew Tousignant

We will explore experientially how Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony are universal tools to unify us with life and increase vitality

Moment after moment, life energy is flowing through everything that exists including every cell of our body. But do we experience that level of receptivity? Do we relate to the body as an instrument? If we are honest, the answer is no. We are alive conceptually but not actually. Breema understands that our separation from life is the root of dis-ease and also contains the remedy to cure it. We need to increase vitality, increase receptivity, increase consciousness by entering the present moment.

In this series, we explore experientially how Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony are universal tools to unify us with life and increase vitality. Each class includes instruction in Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises, and body-centered meditation and movement. No prior experience is necessary.

Hours can be applied to the Breema Center's Practitioner Certificate Program. CEs are available for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and other health professionals. Classes are instructed by Matthew Tousignant, MA, CMT, Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Breema Instructor.

Classes will be held at The 5th Element in Lambertville, New Jersey


Each class is from 7:00–9:00pm

This series is seasonal, including the following classes:
September 11, 18, 25
October 9, 30
November 6, 13, 20, 27
December 4, 11, 18 


To register, Venmo $480 to @matthew-5thelement by September 1

For alternative payment arrangements, contact Matthew at 267.864.8608 or [email protected]

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Matthew Tousignant

Matthew Tousignant, M.A., CMT holds degrees from Harvard University and the California Institute of Integral Studies. A Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor, he currently teaches Breema extensively in the U.S. and Europe. Matthew’s body-centered therapeutic work, based out of Lambertville, New Jersey, combines the universal wisdom of Breema with a practical knowledge of psychology to connect others to their unique potential as human beings.

“In the session, I represent acceptance...