Thursday, 7 December 2023 3:15pm - 4:20pm
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Breema in Everyday Life - Ashland

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Bringing self-understanding and acceptance to whatever you See with gratitude.

Breema in Everyday Life 

Breema is a truly holistic approach to health and life through simple nurturing touch and unifying movement in a benevolent atmosphere of body-centered meditation, self-care exercise, and Breema bodywork – complemented by the nine principles of harmony - opening the door to self-understand.

Breema is characterized by experiencing ourselves intimately inseparable from the whole body, mind, and feelings.  It offers a non-judgmental experience in clarity, balance, and energy with opportunities of physical flexibility, mental attention, and emotional harmony.  Through self-verification, this practice can open the heart to let go of conditioned perceptions of ourselves.   Regardless of where you are now, if you are looking to polish your meaning and purpose, Breema is here for you.

Breema classes are participatory.  The class will practice self-Breema exercise of somatic movement and touch complemented by the nine principles of harmony and after class you may receive Breema bodywork from a Breema Practitioner - to open opportunities that nurture a connection between the body and the mind.  With practice and patience, this will cultivate feelings that are less reactive and more responsive to life and the challenges it may offer.

Breema is practiced on the floor - on mats or carpet that are provided.  For comfort, wear a long sleeve/leg shirt/pants including clean socks. To minimize allergens, please use no scented lotions or perfumes.  

Breema is open to all as an introduction or ongoing practice here in Ashland.  The cost, if able, a monetary donation to the Breema Center is welcome (donation information is found on this website).  Donations help continue Breema in-person and no-cost online offerings.  People all over the world are discovering how Breema can help them bring greater harmony, presence, and meaning to their lives.

Breema information and Ashland class REGISTRATION can be found by emailing Tom at: .

Breema Testimonial:  

"My greatest obstacle in life comes from not knowing who I am.  I discovered, through Breema,  that no amount of thought could give me this.  By allowing my mind to be more curious about the activity of my body - simply connecting to my breath, or my weight, or my movement - gave an opportunity for my mind to rest from compulsive thoughts. This body-mind connection complemented by the universal nine principles of harmony, when applied with simplicity, unity, and sincerity, led me to a threshold of knowing and understanding.

I realize I am not alone.  I experience that most humanity identifies with thoughts, ego, expectations, force to be right and not wrong, to hurry past what is, or pause to chew on what was, or to judge. The mind is important for memories of ‘life’, concentration like ‘math’, or contemplation like ‘who am I’.  However, for me, compulsive thoughts cause undue suffering when I identify with them.  The real knowing or self-understanding is present when I really know I am breathing, standing, moving AND accept whatever I See with gratitude."

Humbly, TJ



Tom Jacobson

Tom Jacobson, PA, MPAS, family medicine and additions specialist, has facilitated meditation, mindful stress reduction, and now Breema for many years.  Meditation, mindfulness, and Breema are the practice of being present.  They are a truly holistic approach to health and life.  In Breema, a holistic approach that is characterized by experiencing ourselves intimately inseparable of the whole body, mind, and feelings.  Simply breathe with attention, be receptive of the inhaling & exhaling, and...

Karin "Pip" Kiteley

I began studying Breema in 1995, in conjunction with my studies as a Barefoot Shiatsu bodyworker. Breema is at the core of my professional work (I am also a licensed massage therapist), and supports my daily activities for a more harmonious and conscious experience of life. I am eternally grateful for the 9 Principles as guiding tools to navigate and understand existence. Breema's philosophy and practical application supports me to connect to the meaning and purpose of my life, in which I find...