Wednesday, 24 April 2024 6:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • UTC -07:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

Breema, Self-Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

Breema Bodywork
Natural Movement for Everyday Life

Free Bodywork Sessions 6:30-7pm
Free Introductory Class  7-8:30pm

Everyone is actually in search of the same thing—to be accepted, to be nurtured and supported in this moment. We all wish for more harmony, and need support to find it. Through the natural movements of Breema partner Bodywork and Self-Breema exercises, we learn to relate harmoniously, and begin to experience an essential unity with others. Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises are living expressions of the Nine Principles of Harmony. By working with these principles, we discover our inherent desire to be present. In this introductory workshop, we’ll learn and practice Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises to establish a practical relationship with the Nine Principles that supports us to find more meaning, harmony, and balance.

This event is offered as part of Santa Cruz Dance Week.


Alexandra Johnson, MD

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

I am a Family Physician, and have been a Breema Practitioner and Instructor for over 20 years. I have found Breema's non-judgmental atmosphere to be invaluable in working with any health condition. I am consistently amazed at the effect of Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises, and Nine Principles of Harmony in increasing vitality, addressing acute concerns, and offering new templates for relating to body, mind, and feelings. I began working as a Practitioner at the Breema Clinic in 2002, and...

Kevin Johnson

Kevin has been studying Breema for over 20 years.  He was drawn to Breema by its simplicity.  Since he began to practice Breema, he has found himself on a path of self-understanding.  This practice is not only for the classroom, but something he uses in his everyday life.  All he has to do is remember.  The more Breema he has in his body, the easier it is to remember.