Sunday, 5 May 2024 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • UTC -07:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

The Art of Being Present

Laura Rawson giving a Breema bodywork session
Introduction to Breema class

Experience a new level of aliveness and comfort in the nurturing atmosphere of Breema. This class is down-to-earth and practical. We learn by direct experience of giving and receiving Breema bodywork and doing Self-Breema exercises, which are dynamic expressions of the Nine Principles of Harmony. As body, mind, and feelings begin to function in harmony with each other, the ways you think, feel, and move are revitalized.

No prior bodywork experience is necessary, but please be comfortable sitting and working on a padded floor. Dress comfortably and wear long pants, socks, and be fragrance-free.

1:00-2:30pm     Class
2:30-3:00pm    Mini-sessions for new students

This free event is offered as part of Bay Area Dance Week 2024.


Elaine Pendergrast

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

Elaine started studying Breema in 1991, and soon became a Certified Practitioner and Instructor. On staff at the Breema Center, she teaches classes there regularly, and has presented Breema at many outreach events to new people at workshops, conferences, health fairs, retreat centers, and other venues around the country. She has also been a Practitioner at the Breema Clinic for many years and enjoys working with new and established clients.

Blogs by Elaine Pendergrast

Moving from...

Ann Hudson

I am grateful to have been a student of Breema bodywork for over 30 years.  During this time I have also been an instructor at the Breema Center and a practitioner at the Breema Clinic.

As a student, I was struck early on by becoming present effortlessly during and after Breema classes. The experience of the present moment is like coming home; something that was missing before my discovery of Breema.  This experience of being present brings clarity of mind, quiet joyful feelings, and a...