Reconciling Trauma by Coming Home to the Body

Traumatic events can result in imbalances and suffering that affect the body, mind, and feelings, disrupting our capacity to experience life as it is. What allows accidents, injuries, and painful events to continue affecting us over time? How can we transform our relationship to these events, to reduce their traumatic impact?

One reason that it is so difficult to heal from trauma is that we don’t know how to relate to it without associative fear from the mind. But there is a part of us that is whole and undamaged, and can access comfort and support in any moment of our lives.

In these workshops, we will examine fundamental concepts and misconceptions that feed trauma and increase its detrimental influence, and introduce new perspectives that support a revolutionary approach to healing and a return to health, harmony, and vitality.

The workshops are appropriate for practitioners in the fields of mental, physical, and emotional health, and for anyone who is interested in understanding how to work with trauma.

These workshops are participatory and experiential. We will practice a variety of somatic movement and partner bodywork exercises that nurture connection between body, mind, and feelings, and open possibilities to process events in a new way that strengthens our capacity to assimilate, heal, and live fully and vibrantly. Please be comfortable sitting on and working on a well padded floor.