Thursday, 16 January 2020 9:00am - 9:55am

Self-Breema for Real Health - International Breema Week 2020

Self-Breema for low back health class

Every Self-Breema exercise offers us an opportunity to bring body and mind together and become present. Because the exercises are pure expressions of the Nine Principles of Harmony, they can be powerful catalysts for greater physical, mental, and emotional health. 
This class will feature Self-Breema exercises that are also particularly beneficial for improving and maintaining low-back health
The exercises are done fully clothed (but without shoes), sitting or standing on a padded floor. 
They are led by an instructor and practiced in a group format. There is no individual instruction. Although the exercises are totally safe and not strenuous, each student is responsible for their own comfort.

More Information

  • Free as part of International Breema Week!
  • For more information please contact: The Breema Center (510) 428-0937 or [email protected]