Friday, 14 February 2020 1:45pm - 2:30pm

Friday Self-Breema Class (By Donation)

Self-Breema class at the Breema Center in Oakland CA
1:45-2:30 pm
Instructor: Alexis Mulhauser


Self-Breema exercises and movements include gentle stretches, rhythmic movements, and unique postures. Each exercise provides an ideal opportunity to apply and experience the Breema principles. Practicing Self-Breema is both nurturing and energizing, and supports physical and physiological flexibility, and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance. 


Alexis Mulhauser

Breema Center staff

Alexis Mulhauser has 20 years experience studying and teaching movement, including Breema, Yoga, and Nia dance. She is a Breema and Self-Breema Instructor in Oakland, CA, and also teaches dance classes locally throughout the Bay Area.