Friday, 11 June 2021 6:45pm - 8:15pm
  • Central European Summer Time
  • UTC +02:00
  • Europe/Madrid

friday's eve Weekly Class

Felipe de Oliveira doing a Breema bodywork session
in Barcelona

This online event begins at 9:45am PDT, 12:45pm EDT, 18:45 CEST, 19:45 IDT.

Breema and Self-Breema weekly class is a great support to keep us connected with the nine principles and nurture ourselfes.

the Self-Breema class is also offer as online Self-Breema class.

to register contact us:

[email protected]
call or whatsapp (+34) 644005520


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Salena Irion

Salena Gissola Schenatto Irion holds university degrees in Physical Therapy and Dance.
Co-director of Centro Harmonious Life in Barcelona, she works with Breema, Gyrotonic, Physical Therapy and Pilates.
A Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor, she currently teaches Breema extensively in Europe, the U.S. and South America.

"Salena’s  love is to be present with clients and  students and experience what is needed in each moment to support people to connect with their body-mind...

Felipe Willhelm de Oliveira

Felipe Willhelm de Oliveira is co-founder of Harmonious Life Center in Barcelona. He met Breema in 1998 in Brazil. In 2000 he became a Breema Practitioner and in 2001 a Breema Instructor. Since then is very active working with clients and teaching Breema in Europe and South America. He also helps organize one of the three European Intensives (Barcelona Breema Intensive, since 2009).  The direction of Self-Understanding and being present doing Self-Breema and Breema and to bring that to daily...