Saturday, 8 January 2022 9:00am - 10:15am
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • UTC -08:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

Come Home to the Present - International Breema Week 2022

Close up view of pine buds in the winter.

This online event begins at 9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 18:00 CET, 19:00 IST.

We think the present is something between the past and the future. That's a mechanical way of relating to the word. That would mean the present is in the same level as the past and future. But the present is free from past and future. It's in a higher dimension than time/space events. It has one foot in time and one in the Timeless.

So to be present, you have to rise above yourself. What self is that? The self you think you are. If you rise above it, you see that's exactly what you are not! You are not what you think you are. You are not what you feel you are. You are not what your sensory perceptions say you are. What you think, feel, and sense are only events. But you are not an event. You are that which is conscious of events. And to be conscious of events, you need to be in a higher dimension than those events, so you can see them.

From Seeing Things As They Really Are by Jon Schreiber

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