Saturday, 27 January 2024 10:00am - 1:00pm
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  • UTC -08:00
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Finding Your Inner Compass - Support for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Finding Your Inner Compass

In recent years, attention deficit has been trending in popular psychology and medicine. Vaguely diagnostic references such as adult attention deficitneurodivergent, and 'on the spectrum’, have gained significant traction in psychotherapeutic circles. Those searching for meaning and belonging reach for explanations that qualify their neurodiversity. At the same time, societal norms pathologize humans for our diminishing capacity to focus and produce in a commodified world that demands and consumes all of our time and attention.

What if we were to consider attention as a real capacity to attend to what is needed in each moment rather than the ability to maintain external focus on an outer image or demand? Considered in this way we have the possibility of observing, first, how we actually use our attention—often unwillingly and without decision—and second, how we wish to use our attention. What is it we would like to use our life energy to attend to? In each life event, or given condition, what is actually needed?

In these experiential workshops, you will discover clear and simple ways to reclaim your attention and use it to become present. By bringing in the body, and unifying the energies of body and mind, we begin to experience ourselves more cohesively, and when body, mind, and feelings function together, we can receive a taste of Conscious energy. This means that our being is present, and we are connected to our True nature. Whatever we do in this moment nurtures understanding, harmony, and balance in ourselves, with others, and with all life, because we are no longer holding ourselves separately.

We will learn and practice a variety of somatic movement and partner bodywork exercises. Please be comfortable sitting, moving and working on a well padded floor.

$50 if paid by Jan 17 (Use coupon code EARLYBIRD),  $60 thereafter.

For more information or to register in person, call : 510-455-8008 or email

3 CE hours available for massage therapists and bodyworkers, nurses, LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs. $10 fee for processing


Jon Schreiber

Director of the Breema Center and Breema Clinic

Jon Schreiber, D. C., director of the Breema Center and Breema Clinic in Oakland, California, has been teaching Breema in the U.S. and internationally since 1980. He has presented Breema at medical, psychology, bodywork, exercise, holistic health, and personal growth conferences. His numerous articles and books focus on the universal and practical philosophy of Breema. In his clinical practice, Dr. Schreiber uses Breema, Self-Breema, and the Nine Principles of Harmony to help patients discover...

Alexandra Johnson, MD

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

I am a Family Physician, and have been a Breema Practitioner and Instructor for over 20 years. I have found Breema's non-judgmental atmosphere to be invaluable in working with any health condition. I am consistently amazed at the effect of Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises, and Nine Principles of Harmony in increasing vitality, addressing acute concerns, and offering new templates for relating to body, mind, and feelings. I began working as a Practitioner at the Breema Clinic in 2002, and...

Angela Porter

Breema Center staff

Angela has been a professional counselor since 1991 and a Breema practitioner since 1998. She specializes in holistic behavioral therapy with groups, families, individuals, as well as education, training, and clinical supervision for therapists. 

Treating people with co-occurring mental health & emotional imbalances, addictions,  and relational/ behavioral health issues, has been the primary focus of her work for the past 25 years,  as well as incorporating wellness practices via the body...