Friday, 5 April 2024 9:00am - 10:30am
  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • UTC -07:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

Being with the Body, We Are Supported - Practice and Principles for Being Yourself

Alexis Mulhauser at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA

Being more comfortable, natural, and relaxed begins with connection to the body. Being with the body, you are supported to be yourself.

Principles: Body Comfortable, No Judgment

This class is for anyone who is interested in being more comfortable and connected in their body, including people who don’t necessarily have a lot of experience with bodywork, movement, or somatic practices. It is also for people who want to feel more comfortable in connection with other people. Every human being has a body, and it is through connection with this body that we experience ourselves and our deepest connection with life. We will be working individually, in pairs, and as a group. Please dress comfortably and wear socks, and come prepared for light movement, touch, and bodywork exchange.

  • $20 per class 
  • Open to all levels

For more information or to register in person, call 510-428-0937 or email

Please wear comfortable long pants and socks. No fragrances, please.


Birthe Kaarsholm

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

Birthe Kaarsholm RSMT, CMT is a staff instructor at the Breema Center in Oakland, California where she has taught and practiced Breema since year 2000. She is a Registered Somatic movement therapist and a certified Body-Mind Centering® practitioner and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst®. With a life-long interest in working with the body, including physical theater, Body-Mind Centering and movement therapy, Breema’s approach to seeing the body as a vehicle to raise our level of...

Ariadne Thompson

Ariadne is a Somatic Psychotherapist, with a private practice in the Rockridge area of Oakland. 

Her therapeutic style has been most informed by the practice and personal study of both Breema Bodywork® and Formative Psychology®. Breema supports using body-mind connection to begin to come out of unconscious and reactive movement through life, and instead live with more choice, availability, and an inner authority with which we can to respond to life. Formative Psychology has supported her...