Tuesday, 15 March 2022 10:00am - 11:00am
  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • UTC -07:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

Self-Care for Health Professionals

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Self-Breema Exercises and the Nine Principles of Harmony

This online event begins at 10:00am PDT, 1:00pm EDT, 18:00 CET, 19:00 IST.

Whether you work as an allopathic health care provider or practice an alternative, complementary, or holistic therapy, your ability to be present and help others is in part dependent on establishing healthy ways to release tension and revitalize your own body, mind, and emotional posture towards life.

Join Arlie Mischeaux, CMT, Denise Berezonsky, CMT and Angela Porter, LMFT, CATC, CMT for Self-Breema exercises and outlook-shifting discussion to revitalize and support you in all your relationships with patients, clients, family, friends, and in your relationship to yourself.

CE available: 1.0 hour
The Breema Center is approved to offer continuing education for massage practitioners and bodyworkers by the NCBTMB (#145251-00). If you’re interested in CE for this class, please email center@breema.com for important details.

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Arlie Mischeaux

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

Arlie began receiving Breema bodywork sessions in 1994 and soon after became a Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor.

Since then, she has dedicated her efforts to teaching and reaching more people with the essential, transformative method that Breema offers, via classes, workshops, and private sessions.

Over the years, she has studied and traveled with a keen interest in expanding her experience and understanding of many traditional healing methods with native peoples, shamans...

Denise Berezonsky

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

Denise Berezonsky is co-author of Self-Breema: Exercises for Harmonious Life, Associate Director and Practitioner at the Breema Clinic and a Staff Instructor at the Breema Center. Denise has been working with Breema’s transformational approach to life since 1989 and in continuous practice at the Breema Clinic since 1991. She teaches online, throughout Northern California and in the Pacific Northwest.

"I love giving and receiving Breema bodywork. Breema, Self-Breema, and the Nine Principles...

Angela Porter

Breema Center staff

Angela has been a professional counselor since 1991 and a Breema practitioner since 1998. She specializes in holistic behavioral therapy with groups, families, individuals, as well as education, training, and clinical supervision for therapists. 

Treating people with co-occurring mental health & emotional imbalances, addictions,  and relational/ behavioral health issues, has been the primary focus of her work for the past 25 years,  as well as incorporating wellness practices via the body...