Saturday, 29 June 2024 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • UTC -07:00
  • America/Los_Angeles

Rockridge Open House Event

Alexis & Molly
Breema bodywork mini-sessions

Experience Breema bodywork at our Rockridge Open House

Offering complimentary mini-sessions

The Breema Center welcomes our Rockridge neighbors and friends to drop in to our upcoming Open House event. These events are a great opportunity to receive a complimentary Breema bodywork mini-session from one of our Certified Breema Instructors, and experience the grounding, nurturing, and vitalizing effects of Breema. You will also have a chance to meet some of our staff members, and to learn more about Breema and all the different ways you can benefit from treatments, classes, and longer workshops offered at our locations in Rockridge.

The Breema Center has been a part of the Rockridge community since 1981. At the main office and classroom at 6076 Claremont Avenue, we offer seasonal Intensives, weekend workshops, and ongoing weekly classes to explore Breema through working with body-mind connection and the Nine Principles of Harmony. The Breema Clinic and the Greeting Health Clinic at 6201 Florio Street offer Breema bodywork, somatic psychotherapy, and Integrative Family Medicine, all based on the major focus of Breema, which is: “Don’t fight disease, nurture vitality.”

Receiving Breema and practicing Self-Breema movement exercises support the unification of the body, mind, and feelings. As these three come together, they begin to function naturally, and we become receptive to finer consciousness. This becomes our entry into real health, which means harmony with Existence.


Susan Mankowski

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

Susan Mankowski, LMT, BFA in dance, has been an Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor in Santa Cruz, the Breema Center, and throughout the United States since 1998. She is a Staff member and Instructor at the Breema Center since 2012. Currently she is located offsite in Wisconsin and also instructs at Breema Center Intensives, for the practitioner program, and other onsite events.


As early as I can remember, I wanted to connect to life through touch, and movement. This interest grew...

Birthe Kaarsholm

Breema Center staff
Breema Clinic practitioner

Birthe Kaarsholm RSMT, CMT is a staff instructor at the Breema Center in Oakland, California where she has taught and practiced Breema since year 2000. She is a Registered Somatic movement therapist and a certified Body-Mind Centering® practitioner and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst®. With a life-long interest in working with the body, including physical theater, Body-Mind Centering and movement therapy, Breema’s approach to seeing the body as a vehicle to raise our level of...

Alexis Mulhauser

Breema Center staff

Alexis Mulhauser has 20 years of experience studying and teaching movement, including Breema, Yoga, martial arts, and dance. She is a Breema Instructor and Self-Breema Instructor at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA, and Certified Massage Therapist. Alexis also teaches dance in Berkeley and gives private bodywork sessions at the Breema Clinic and Worthy Self-Care Studio in Berkeley.  By applying Breema and the 9 Principles of Harmony in her professional path as a movement educator, Alexis has...